Welcome to Southern Machines Specialist

“Creating products that satisfy every need and please every customer”

It is easy to say, but making it happen requires two enormous strengths; the power to have flexible and innovative ideas and the power of technological know-how to realize those ideas as a comprehensive machine fabricating manufacturer, from an idea to a finished product.  Southern Machine Specialist is constantly engaged in creating new and innovative technologies.  Our Corporate Goal is to satisfy our customers by providing the perfect product for every need.

Southern Machine Specialist started in 1992 with one employee and an idea to provide a quality part with a fair price as well as giving the best lead-time in the industry.  Today, after 17 years, we have grown to 20 employees.  Our 25,000 square foot facility operates 2 shifts to better serve our customer.  We understand the urgency of emergencies and machine down-time as well as the importance of needing it done yesterday.  We tailor fit your company’s needs to our facility schedule to ensure you feel like a valuable customer and not a number.

We shall strive to expand the boundaries of our service as well as our commitment to our customers, bringing prosperity to each of our employees and leading our community to a better tomorrow.  If we can be of service to you, please feel free to contact me personally.

Phillip Quick
President - Southern Machine Specialist